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Do It Yourself – Save Money – Queensland Smoke Alarm Installation

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We often get questions about the DIY – Compliant Smoke Alarm Installation for a home owner, landlord and sellers in Queensland. It can get very expensive, very quickly if you are paying for the alarms and an installation service. We aim to solve this problem, and reduce your cost.

Save up to $485 off

If you don’t DIY, Prices range from $90 to $150 per alarm for supply and installation. For example, a three bedroom house could cost anywhere between $450 – $750 to get your household compliant.

If you DIY, and purchase from FireSafeOnline, you would only spend $265 if you purchase our popular 5 pack value range. Or if you like our premium slimline range design $305

Can I install FireSafeOnline alarms in my Queensland property?

Yes you can, if you meet the following requirement:

  • Currently don’t have any wired (240v) smoke alarms installed on the property. If this is the case, you will need to replace this alarm with a 240v smoke alarm.

How do I get a compliance certificate if I install FireSafeOnline alarms?

Good news! A compliance certificate is not needed. The seller of a Queensland property does not need to provide a certificate to to confirm the smoke alarms are installed and are compliant.

The seller only needs to tick yes or no to the relevant box in the schedule of the contract.

Before selling the property, the seller should ensure the smoke alarms installed are compliant in accordance with its
legal obligations under the Fire and Emergency Services Act.

Information sourced from Real Estate Institute of Queensland, REIQ is the peak body representing real estate professionals across Queensland. Please see the REIQ fact sheet, specifically the smoke alarm section.

Do I need a contractor or electrician to install my alarms?

No you won’t, our alarms are all wireless and run on a 10 year lithium battery. This means you can install them yourself. The pairing and installation is a simple 5 minute process.

More questions?

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