240v Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

We’ve expanded our offerings to include 240v smoke alarms, catering to all your installation needs. Whether you’re looking for a mix of 240v and 10-year battery smoke alarms or require a full 240v setup for your entire installation, we have the perfect solutions with our Value Range.

Our goal is to provide the most affordable solution to ensure your house is Fire Safe and has the required Smoke Alarms and quantities installed. We know that when you purchase 240v smoke alarms, the cost can increase significantly due to the installation costs, and that’s why we guarantee the lowest possible prices to offset these costs.

When you purchase our 240v smoke alarms, you can use the internal backup battery to turn on and bind all the alarms before installation reducing the costs of installation.

You can search our bundle packs for 240v and the combination packs, or select the quantities below and we will take you to the product.

If you have any questions or are unsure of the quantities. Please give us a call on  (07) 3073 2967 or send us a message on our contact form

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